Are Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Really Good for Your Health?

Everyone understands that "fresh things are the best things." What does "freshness" mean in the context of coffee?

Every cup of coffee has a rich history of flavor and aroma. Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee fruit, which are spongy and softer and have no aroma or flavor when raw. So, these beans need to be cleaned, dried, and roasted. When you heat it to the appropriate temperature and time, you create a delicious drink accepted by billions of people worldwide.

The coffee Roasting Process

Roasting coffee is a process that produces a specific flavor and aroma by transforming green coffee beans into a tasty roasted coffee product. Once they are roasted, they are allowed to cool, grind, and then be packed in cans to reach the store for sale. But coffee beans begin to lose their flavor, the moment they come out of the coffee roaster. Hence, freshly roasted coffee tastes better than coffee that has been stored for a few months at the store. The older a coffee is, the lower its nutritional value. Royalty Coffee Roasters is a professional team with years of experience that supplies fresh coffee beans to individuals and businesses across the world.

Health Benefits of Freshly Roasted Coffee!

Antioxidant properties: Freshly roasted beans contain a high number of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body that cause cancer.

Boost your energy level: When you're feeling low, a cup of freshly roasted coffee can help.

Fat burner: Freshly roasted coffee beans contain caffeine, which increases the metabolism to help burn fat faster and aid in weight loss. Health sources also state that coffee can improve physical performance during a workout.

Anti-depressant: A cup of freshly roasted coffee uplifts your mood and acts as an antidepressant. Coffee has also improved brain functions such as mood, memory, and reaction time.

Lower risk of type-2 diabetes: Paired with the coffee's magnesium, it can affect the body's blood sugar levels and possibly lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Other benefits:  Drinking one to two cups of coffee per day may help eliminate heart failure, decrease chances for developing Parkinson’s disease, and promote liver enzymes at a safe level.

Hence, always try to buy your coffee beans fresh and brew them as soon as you can. Find a great coffee roaster who is health conscious and provides fresh roasted coffee beans that you can make, and add safe ingredients that not only taste good but are also good for your health!

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So, enjoy your coffee time.